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At the beginning of 2020, the covid epidemic caused all companies to go home based, and tens of millions of office workers communicated in different places, and the use of various communication tools failed to solve the current situation of inefficiency. The speed at which most companies build their own digital software lags far behind the speed of corporate development and social changes. In order to cope with these problems, many companies choose to turn to no-code development platforms.

The so-called no-code platform refers to a software development method that can achieve the target requirements without manual coding. Some media…

We are BigONE Exchange, one of the top 21 EOS block producers. We are thrilled to participate in the discussion on the rentbw model.

The new resource allocation plan is undoubtedly a significant upgrade attempt on the previous model. The new resource model attempts to separate the right of EOS resource usage from the ownership of resources. Users can sell (i.e., lease) the right of resource usage to obtain token earnings. Average users also need to purchase the right to use the network in advance to prevent resource usage abuse (Such as EIDOS).

However, we can see some drawbacks that…

BigONE is the next generation crypto trading platform and crypto-assets trusteeship platform created by blockchain professionals. We are crypto-coin enthusiasts from the world. At BigONE, our mission is to deliver the fastest and most secure trading platform available and protect users crypto-currency impregnable.

About BigONE Token Listing, our principle is: BigONE does not charge listing fee.

Listing Methods: Active listing, apply to list and airdrop to list.

Active listing:

Projects are independently reviewed by BigONE team and treated equally. …

BigONE APP is a professional bitcoin,Ethereum and other blockchain digital asset trading platform; zero losing coin experience, safe and stable.

Ultimate experience:

Pending order withdrawal, nice experience!

Internal transfer, free of charge!

100% reserve, allow to recharge or withdrawal any time.

7*24 hours Multi-language customer service!

Product Features

[Home] BigONE latest update; increase list, work order entry, users can submit questions with one click.

[Market] Currency trading market real-time view, k-line chart, depth map and other professional charts for your reference;

[Trading] Market price / commission pending order, speedy transaction, convenient and smooth;

[Order] Clearly manage the status of the…

Recently, the BigONE platform established a Korean operation team to form a Korean community. Now community users are very active. Korea is one of the most important markets for the global blockchain industry. It is also an active market for blockchain capital with unlimited potential.

The BigONE’s entry into the Korean market was mainly due to recent increased number of Korean investors. In order to better serve Korean users, BigONE also provides Korean language users with local language and customer services.

Previously, BigONE opened the BLACK/EOS trading pair on the exchange’s airdrop area on September 6, 2018 at 20:00:00 (UTC+8)…

< 1 > Time of team live broadcast
The time of the BigONE team live broadcast has been confirmed at 19:00 on December 24, 2018. The detailed live broadcast content, including the theme, process, personnel, etc., will be announced in the form of a poster a few days before the live broadcast. At that time, we hope that everyone will tell each other.

< 2 > EOS resource pledge
Last week, we added resource pledges for nearly a thousand EOS voting accounts.
BigONE has been providing EOS pledge and voting services on the real chain for 5 months. …

BigONE Project Introduction

As we all know, the digital currency market often has problems such as security loopholes, policy risks and reliability. The BigONE platform believes that residents of the digital age should have better choices. Therefore, BigONE is committed to helping users find valuable encryption assets around the world, providing a high-quality trading experience, and using the latest technology and control processes to ensure that users can manage digital assets easily and securely.

BigONE is a global digital asset trading platform. The platform implements a 100% reserve and multiple protection measures to ensure the security of user assets.



As a global blockchain crypto asset hosting and trading platform, BigONE will be committed to providing bank-level security, reliable and easy-to-use blockchain

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