Katalyo-a digital solution combining no-code and blockchain

At the beginning of 2020, the covid epidemic caused all companies to go home based, and tens of millions of office workers communicated in different places, and the use of various communication tools failed to solve the current situation of inefficiency. The speed at which most companies build their own digital software lags far behind the speed of corporate development and social changes. In order to cope with these problems, many companies choose to turn to no-code development platforms.

The so-called no-code platform refers to a software development method that can achieve the target requirements without manual coding. Some media reported that ten years ago, in the economically developed United States and Japan, software vendors based on this idea carried out research and development of related projects. No-code development allows users to quickly build applications without writing code, allowing every company to have a powerful system. Even a small company that has just started a business does not need to invest funds to build a system in advance, and it can have the advanced technology comparable to large companies. The platform based on no-code development combines cloud services with corporate office systems and corporate digital transformation, and vigorously promotes the process of corporate development and social informatization.

Katalyo no-code development platform, in the process of promoting corporate development, innovatively embeds blockchain technology, so that individuals and corporations can use the function of data on the blockchain that cannot be tampered with, and carry out real-time tracking and management on the blockchain data in the system. This will open up a world full of opportunities for corporate and social development, and increase the transparency and security of data to another level.

How Katalyo is born

Some people say that software developers are people who have the magical skills to turn coffee into code. There is a huge demand for developing new applications. There are not enough coffee or developers in the world to bring all innovative applications to life. Katalyo, as a distributed new generation of codeless platform, provides a solution for this.

(Katalyo is a no-code platform for building hybrid web applications. With Katalyo people and organisations can build enterprise grade web applications that integrate with blockchain without writting a single line of code.)

Katalyo The state of the art functionality

Katalyo was founded by experienced IT professionals who have accumulated more than 50 years of experience in various roles in the IT and financial services industry. Katalyo provides unique no-code features that cannot be provided by other no-code solutions, such as automatic development and version control, a unique set of building blocks called resources, and a combined network set integrated with the blockchain. Applicable to different vertical fields and customer groups (start-ups, SMEs, corporations).

(Katalyo is built in a way to mimic real life and deliver automation where the work is being done. In our daily lives we use various resources to achieve desired results. For that reason the main building block of Katalyo system is a resource. The system provides the tools to create and manage different types of resources like datasets, files or notifications for example. There is however a special type of a resource and that is work i.e. a task which has the ability to transform other resources and enable creation of workflows.)

The tokenization of Katalyo

Katalyo, a no-code Dapp development platform, will use the Telos blockchain to tokenize real estate in Croatia. The total value of these properties is about 30 million Euros and they are located on the coast of Croatia, which is one of the most beautiful places to live and visit in Europe.

Katalyo’s innovative no-code development kit was introduced to Telos to help the Croatian real estate portfolio to be tokenized on the Telos blockchain. Token holders will receive dividends in the form of stablecoins based on legal income, which are generated from rental income. Two tokens, one token represents real estate ownership, and the second token is a stable token based on fiat currency, used to pay dividends. The Katalyo platform supports the entire end-to-end investment process including KYC/AML, and enables investors to sell their stocks through smart contracts.

The cooperation between Katalyo and Telos will jointly build new technologies and bring new opportunities for the tokenization of blockchain entities.

The development method of no-code development has completely changed people’s understanding of programming, which allows non-professionals to participate in the development of programs. The Katalyo no-code development platform combines blockchain technology to help ordinary people realize the dream of building applications. This is a subversive revolution to the traditional software development model, and a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change.

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